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Hey Las Vegas, Ross and Brittany here! Just like many of you my small business was deemed non-essential and we were forced to close when Governor Sisolak made the order. I've spent the last several weeks trying to get small business loans, unemployment, etc. to stay afloat without any luck getting through.

But it did get me thinking. While I've been worrying about what's next or how I'm going to pay my bills, I've been doing it from the safety of my own home. And that's not the case for everyone! Healthcare workers and first responders are still working and they're putting themselves in harms way for OUR safety and to save the lives of others!

As a token of my appreciation I'd like to offer my services to first responders, nurses and doctors in the Las Vegas valley. I know it's not enough to repay you for everything you've done but at least you can get one good photo to remember everything you sacrificed for our safety! 😊 Don't worry these photos will be taken outside and we'll practice safe social distancing. Sorry no hugs or handshakes this time... My wife (also my assistant) and I will also be wearing masks for safety and if you're a Dr. and can recommend anything else that we should do for our safety and yours please let us know!

Ok so here are the details. You'll get a 10 minute mini-session that can be used for anything you'd like. Maybe a family photo, maternity shoot, headshot, or even a new profile pic it's your call! We'll choose our favorite photo from the shoot, edit it and send it with a free download link! As much as I'd love to offer this to every single one of you out there, it might not be possible for my wife and I to handle it all. And there will be a point where we will have to return to paid work, so as of right now we are going to limit it to the first 75 emails received. YOU MUST PRESENT SOME SORT OF PROOF THAT YOU ARE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING; POLICE, FIRE, PARAMEDIC, MILITARY, NURSE OR DOCTOR. If you cannot provide proof your spot will be given to the next in line. Emails will be responded to in the order they are received. 

Once the 75 spots are filled I will pick the dates and locations and contact all who entered. Most outdoor locations require me to obtain a photography permit (even if I'm doing it for free) so dates will be dependent on what is available with certain parks and recreation areas. 


I would love to do this for so many more than just 75 people but being out of work for 5 weeks already is starting to take a toll on our finances. If you'd like to contribute to our GoFundMe and make it possible for us to accept so many more! Click the link below

Want to help provide more than 75 free shoots? Click to donate

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